6:40 pm





I would sit in the tiny closet,

Where we kept all the blankets—

To get away from him.

He would go into the house looking for me.

He would tell you to leave me home alone.

I never had a mother.


You always did what he told you.

You never had a mind of your own.

I never had a mother.

When he was with his buddies, he would

Put his cigarette butt out in my pants, inside my under ware.

I would run to the bathroom.

You weren’t home.

I never had a mother.

My saving grace was when brother was born.

He had a new victim in the ‘80’s.

A new victim he could torture.

I never had a mother.

He told you to work, so that he could be alone with me.

But once you got pregnant with brother,

You had to quit your job.

I became an expert at hiding.

I became an expert at being by myself, all of the time.

I never had a mother.

Now, I’m an expert at not relying on anyone because I knew

Early on, I could not rely on you.

You were no one I ever admired.

I admired Madonna, and Wonder Woman.

I never had a mother.

7:12 pm


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Written by Maria Ayala

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