Better Unsaid – 1

Mae was watching television with her husband of forty two years.  It was a weekly hospital drama they both enjoyed.

In this week’s episode the female lead confesses to her fiance that while he was gone, she had a one night with another man.

The back story, which had played out over the past five episodes,  was that the male lead (a master surgeon) had gone to take an emergency post in another country and the female lead (another surgeon) was supposed to join him.  However, she got caught up in family situations and had to postpone her trip.

Time passed.  

The male lead wasn’t contacting her, wasn’t responding to her calls and emails.

A new male character,  a locum, who was to fill in for the master surgeon  arrived.   He was handsome, clever, seemed interested in the female lead.   After a few episodes, she succumbed  and  they had that passionate affair.

On tonight’s episode,  the master surgeon returns in the opening scene.  The tension is high until  the female lead confesses the affair in an extremely emotional scene.

The show ends with the master surgeon walking to a cab. As he climbs in, he says; “Airport”, and the taxi drives away as the  closing theme began.


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