Barry's Diaries – 95 – End

Madison had kissed him.   She had taken him outside to the steps, she had stood on the higher one. She had leaned down and kissed him.  

Kissed him!

Never would such a girl kiss a nobarry.   Whatever fears  he had, whatever inner turmoil, it was to be squashed.  Because she kissed him!

He could not be a nothing.   He had become Mav Barry.   He had.

He had burnt those diaries, promising himself never to be that nobarry in New Town, and he wasn’t!

He wasn’t!

He looked in the mirror.   He did look good.   He was good.  He made his slow smile;  it wasn’t a ‘practiced’ gesture, it was how he now smiled, just as this was how he now dressed.

He had done it.

As he had burnt those diaries, he had ‘burnt’ nobarry.


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Written by jaylar

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