Barry's Diaries – 84

Although he wanted to run to Madison or call her the second he got home, he waited until the next day.

They talked about the game and she complemented her and added; “I was a bit scared you’d wave to me and everyone would call me a traitor…”

“That’s why I didn’t even look at the Stands…”  he lied.  

In truth, Barry  didn’t look, because firstly, the stands were a blur of colours, and he didn’t want to be squinting.  

Secondly, if he did make her out, and was certain she was there, he’d get weak.

Then they spoke about plans for Christmas and then New Year’s Eve; adding; “Tell me what is done is this town…”

Madison had been invited to a party, asked if he wanted to go with her. Of course he agreed.  

Now he needed the right outfit, and that would be a job.  


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Written by jaylar


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