Barry's Diaries – 83

The match was Thursday; at 7 p.m.   Barry and his team were at the gym from around 6:00, cooling out, doing practice shots, then in the locker room at 6:45  when the doors opened to the public.

Barry got rid of his nervousness with stretching exercises.  Then, they came onto the Court.   

He didn’t look for Madison.  He didn’t have his glasses on anyway.

He stood through the Anthem, then got into the game.  There was  nothing in his world but that ball, that net.

At half time they were leading by a good margin, and he’d gotten four baskets.

The Star Player, the Royal Guy, did most of the shooting, and was  very good, but Barry had gotten his respect and he’d made a few supporting actions.

At the start of the second half Barry got back into his singularity and did a fantastic play he wasn’t even aware of.

His team won the game.

During the hugs and shouts and smiles, he let his eyes search and saw Madison. Well not really saw; she was a blur, but it was her long red hair.  

He smiled.  

She raised a hand,  he couldn’t really see what she was doing, assumed she put a finger over her lips,  and pretended to wipe a tear.  

He smiled, but turned to find his  parents.

It was the greatest day of his life, so far.


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