Barry's Diaries – 70

Barry felt as if he were in a parallel universe. Before he began to reflect he focused on now.  Madison was speaking;  

“The Company tries to (she made finger quotes) Build the Family Spirt by these …  I don’t know what to call them,” she paused, then;  

“There’s the New Years Ball at a fancy hotel, the Valentines at some other venue, then depending on when Easter Falls, we are either off in March or April, then Mother’s Day in May, Father’s in June,  the Fourth in July, which is usually outside at the shore. Then,  we are off August, until a whatever in mid September, then the Halloween, the Thanksgiving… and this Family Festival.”

Barry nodded.

“Outside of March or April and August,  every month is something. If your folks don’t attend at least half of them, there’s problems.”

He nodded.

“Make sure your folks understand attendance is NOT optional.”

“Hey, don’t scare me…”

“Be afraid, be very afraid…” she quoted, and he laughed.


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Written by jaylar

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