Barry's Diaries – 63

With this new ‘overwatch’ ability, Barry could step back and view his world as if it were a model sitting on the table.

The school, for example, was split into the Royalty, which he recognised he would never ascend to, and The Crowd, those who joined  a conglomeration to make themselves feel they belonged.

Outside of those two factors were the various “Nobarrys”, kids who were beyond notice unless they were in the way, then shoved aside as cockroaches.

To be part of the Crowd, nothing he wanted but what he had to be, was acceptable in the narrowest of paradigms.

It protected him from their bullying and insults, gave him a kind of place in ‘society’.

He realised a lot of kids probably joined gangs and clubs and groups like the Crowd not because they wanted to, but because they had to.

To not join meant that one would be totally alone, beyond the pale.


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