Barry's Diaries -46

Lou’s Diner was a tight, crummy place, but the better place was owned by Royalty.  

Barry had stopped into Bob B Q, the home of the Royalty, once. The ice storm that hit him sent him right out.

He knew not to go where he wasn’t wanted, especially in a new town among strangers.

He’d never glanced at Lou’s Diner, but now, invited, he entered a place packed with kids from school.  

He saw the boys filling glasses from pocket flasks and the girls just letting themselves go.  

Some of them had their blouses open, and because one of the guys on the team asked  him something and broke his stare, Barry was able to put back on his Cool Barry self, and answer calmly,

When the guy moved away, Barry left the diner.   He walked home quickly, trying to get the image of Sodom and Gomorrah out of his head.

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