Barry's Diaries – 24

“Registered for school today. Seems easy enough.  No serious dress code, lots of electives.”

Barry looked out his window,  he imagined his first day of school. He’d saunter into class, he’d keep his face friendly, he’d nod at anyone who looked at him.

Friendly in a toss away style; a handsome guy who knows he is handsome.  

Although he was a little bit uncertain if he was  good looking or just plain, he’d play handsome.

What he needed to do was create a back story about the town he used to live in…?

Or should he?

He imagined being one of the cool guys how he would describe the scene.  

He didn’t want to bark; “It’s nothing, nowhere…”  better to shrug, “Just a town, like any other.”

Yeah, just shrug it off.


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Written by jaylar

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