Back Rider – 5

As the bus drove Andrea Pearson thought, painfully, that it didn’t matter how intelligent, how educated, how capable a person was;  a woman was.  It would be those like Keisha, who travel on their backs, to get the promotions, the sinecures, and drive expensive cars.

Those like Andrea who try to make it on their own, using the standards of education, qualification, ability, will be primary school teachers, riding a bus.  

Andrea Pearson knew others, perhaps a bit brighter than Keisha, who went to College, had affairs with Professors, met business men or politicians and rose to the top.  They were incompetent, dishonest, rude, but they had the big job, the big money.

As the bus rode on Andrea reflected on a number of women in their forties who were  given a cushy appointment at taxpayers expense. 

This position granted to these females was a kind of severance pay, when Big Man  replaces them with a younger model and doesn’t want any blow back.


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Written by jaylar

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