At The End – 6

Eventually Elsa realised she was on her own.  She had no husband, no sister, no children, nothing and no one in her life, save Ginny.  

Because she had no breaks, no help, Elsa’s health began to deteriorate. After two years, Elsa was rushed to a hospital and  Ginny was taken to a home for people with Down’s Syndrome.  

Learning her condition was not just exhaustion but serious, Elsa contacted her children.  They flew down to visit their mother.  They wanted to tell her about their lives but she wanted them to check on Ginny.  

Check on Ginny as if she was her only child, and they were nothing to her.   They had acted, originally, as if she didn’t care about them, how they felt, anything.

Now she proved it.  

As Elsa didn’t seem to grasp how her children felt, they  flew back to their new country.


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Written by jaylar


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