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Another Gallery of Random Photos (365 Photos Challenge) 57- 64

I am back to share some more photos for the 365 Photos Challenge.

Again they are pretty random….well a few of them go together (as you’ll see below). All in all, I hope you enjoy them all!

I’ll be back to share more as soon as possible!  Hopefully when spring/summer comes I’ll have more photos to share daily as I am supposed to.

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to! Here are the rules to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

Last post: Days 51 – 56

#1 Day 57 – Water Tower & Sky

I took this shot February 17th, 2018.  This is our cities water tower and the cool sky in the background.  The sky was starting to get dark like a storm might come, but there was still a little blue left. 

#2 Day 58 -Eli and his Sloth

Eli is holding the sloth stuffed toy my friend sent him for Valentine's Day.  She's like another grandma to least she loves him like one!  I've never met her in person, but we've been long distance friends for over 10 years.  

#3 Day 59 – Low Carb Taco Bell

I know it does not look the most appetizing, but it tastes pretty good.  This is what I order at Taco bell when I am not having a cheat day.

I order: 

  • 1 side order of beef
  • 1 side order of grilled chicken
  • 1 side order of cheddar cheese
  • 1 side order of sour cream
  • 1 packet of mild taco bell sauce.  

Mix all together & enjoy!  This time they gave me the wrong cheese which was 4 carbs instead of 1 carb....but still better than ordering a tortilla.  If you like veggies, you can get a salad instead, but me being a picky eater I choose this.

#4 Day 60 – Hello

Yes, it is me....I decided to post a selfie.  I rarely do that, but I did my make up for once and wanted to take a new photo. 

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#5 Day 61 – Alaska’s Best Sign

We went here for dinner last night (the 17th of February).  That's why I got all dressed up and did my make up.  

#6 Day 62 – Fish & Chips

This is what I ordered at Alaska's Best.   They have really good fish!   It's a small restaurant run by a husband and wife.  They do everything with just the two of them.  It's really amazing!

#7 Day 63 – Eli’s Goofy Grin

This is what happens when you ask Eli to smile.  I love his goofiness! 

#8 Day 64 – Eli in front of the Sign

This is part of the sign at the restaurant.  Eli decided to stand in front of it as I was taking pictures.   It turned out cute though 🙂  

Hope you enjoy all of the photos!  😀 

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