And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 72

The elders on the Board did a ‘We Told You So!’

They had learned their lesson when they first created Miriam House and gave Bertha McGill the job.  As a member of their ‘caste’  she had an inflated image of herself, and no one could dictate to her.   She would do what she wanted, and disagreed openly, and then, angrily, resigned.

Cordelia Brown, as worthless as she had been, was not one of them.  They could shout, ‘you are fired!’ and she could do nothing, for she was beneath them.

When Selma was considered, many of the elders did not want her to take up the position of matron.  They knew that getting rid of her would be a problem.

But none thought she would barge into the job, then, one month later, lay on her back, collecting pay for doing nothing, occupying the cleaner, whom they paid to sit on the sofa.

Then have the temerity to die.

To die in the Matron’s house, which was loaded with her junk, and now have to wait for her son to get around to clearing it out.


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Written by jaylar

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