And Comes the Fourth Generation – 90

If  Paul Mollusk had not been so focused on draining the coffers of the Church, he would have gotten rid of Odette, the thief of Miriam House, and Pinnock, the church drunkard with his slut daughter.

But Mollusk had gotten rid of Lori because he actually caught her stealing, which is how Fran Alman got her job.  And Mollusk, aware of Miss Brown’s connection to Avery Hendricks had to sweep her out before she could raise the alarm.

Although Hendricks was disgraced, he could return the ‘favour’.

Mollusk didn’t get around to firing Odette or Pinnock because the matron who replaced Miss Brown was Selma Rashford Grindley, and she had spoken out about the poor work done on Miriam House.

Mollusk had been dropped to Vice President before he could fire Odette or Pinnock.

Odette continued to do nothing much  at Miriam House, but draw her pay.

Pinnock continued doing nothing at the church for his pay and free living.

With Milgrove dead his whoring daughter stayed indoors.

Things continued as they had,  the Board distracted, their employees lazy and dishonest.


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Written by jaylar

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    • If you read from the beginning you’d know that Selma was 3rd generation, that she died in the house owned by the Church, that Mollusk had been President, until she exposed how he ripped off the board,

      The ‘new’ characters are introduced after the ‘old’ ones have been fully explored.

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