And Comes the Fourth Generation – 88

If one came early to church, they’d see Pinnock’s daughter, Hettie, draping herself over Patrick Milgrove’s car.   Milgrove was an old man, a long time member of the Church.   As no one arrived before Milgrove, and he stayed in his car, they didn’t witness Hettie Pinnock’s lewd and repulsive behaviour.   Hettie knew to move away  from Milgrove as others drove in. She knew if what she was doing was seen, her father would be fired. As this was not Hettie’s first seduction, she was alert to prying eyes and attitudes.  Fran Alman didn’t leave the office until it was her quitting time, and the office helper, Linda, stayed in the kitchen mostly. The money she got from Patrick Milgrove was not all that much, but she depended upon it.  She paid for her lunch at school.   Her father drank most of his salary. Of course, no one on the Board noticed any of this.


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Written by jaylar

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