And Comes the Fourth Generation – 173

As bad as it had been in the days of open gate, when the parking area was jammed with cars, and as bad as it had been with cars going in and out, it got worse.

The electronic gate, which was now not to be opened, caused the blocking of the mainroad by the vehicles of the parents whose children attended the school.  

If there were complaints, or the police stepped in, considering the cars interfering with traffic, the Board Members of Miriam House would be placed into difficulty.

Miriam House was supposed to be a charity, maintained for indigent Church members.

Not a money making semi-dorm and commercial enterprise.

Ann called Fran Alman at the Office, she called Elvis March and he drummed up the courage to confront Mrs. Lopez.  

He had a drink, then drove to Miriam House and stood with his arms crossed as if her were formidable, and told her that either she made certain the cars did not block the drive way and park on the road, or leave the premises.

Lopez, who had enough, decided to move the school and find a new place to live.


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