And Comes the Fourth Generation – 166

1Ann South and Fran Alman discussed the conditions under which they worked.   Both found Elvis March, the obstreperous bully, to be the major hurdle.

They decided they would avoid him at all costs.   They would not complain or discuss anything with him.  

As neither was a member of the church or had any stake in whether it went north or south, they would sit back, collect their pay and do what they felt to do.

Where Hetty, the maintenance man’s daughter was using Church premises as a whore house, going so far as to wander in and out of the Church, well, shrug.

Where the Tenants of Miriam House were doing what they wanted, well shrug.

As Fran and Ann agreed, if they didn’t look, they wouldn’t see.  So, they didn’t look.


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Written by jaylar

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