And Comes the Fourth Generation – 165

Sadly, for Ann South, there was a power black out, and the girls were left in darkness.

Although some didn’t care that the Matron wasn’t there, a few did.

As power outages were not uncommon, Miss Brown always had candles and would either call one of her favourites to walk and dispense them, some of the tenants were annoyed.

There had been no blackouts during Selma Rashford Grindley’s sojourn.

Now, Ann South, not a week after her meeting, not a month after the ‘never there’ complaint, was not on the property when electricity failed.  

She knew a complaint would be made.  

As she raced towards Miriam House the lights returned.  She gave a prayer, checking her watch.   It had ‘only’ been a forty minute black out.  

Hopefully, nothing happened during that time.


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Written by jaylar

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