And Comes the Fourth Generation – 162

Ann South took a week off after working only ten weeks.  The Board had no idea that she had gone.

When she returned to Miriam House she made up her mind to spend the least time on the premises.  She returned to her job as a Real Estate Agent and had a place to go each day.  

Then a complaint was made about her ‘never being there’.

As the tenant who made the complaint had called the office, and the office was staffed by Ann’s friend Fran Alman, it went no further.

Warned, Ann South would now appear to be present most days.  However, she spent  most of her time transacting business on the phone.   The phone paid for by the Board.

Having been insulted by Elvis March, the current President of the Board, and reaping scorn from the teacher, demovtivated her even further.  


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Written by jaylar

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