And Comes the Fourth Generation – 157

As remarkable as it might seem that a Board could employ a dying woman as Matron of a charitable home,  the fact that, contrary to law,  Miriam House was actually  a ‘dormitory’  for rent paying ‘students’   was the topper.  Many of the Board members were  unaware of her conditions at Miriam House.   They didn’t know that they were paying a salary to a near comatose woman,  they didn’t know that the place was jammed with over twenty gals, paying rent… or giving excuses why..That although Selma died in July, it wasn’t until October that her stuff was finally removed from the Matron’s at the end of September.

Miss Brown, who had held the post of Matron for over ten years had kept a limit on how many tenants there could be.   Selma went to rent every room, loading more and more women into the spaces.

The good part was Selma arrived in December and by February was bed ridden and out of their way, and that no one came to annoy them until October, when Ann South burst in.Ann South,  wound up like a racing car, came in to ‘take charge’ to ‘get the place under control’ and became the most hated woman in town.


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