And Comes the Fourth Generation – 150

Cordelia Brown had spent most of her tenure at Miriam House, hiding in the Matron’s house, enjoying her all expense paid job.

She had expected to live there until death.  

Paul Mollusk had disliked her, wanted her gone.   He knew her ability to contact a particular members of the Board.  Considering he had a rip off plan, he didn’t want eyes.

As Miss Brown’s contact was disgraced, she could call him till her fingers bled and he would have as much sway with the board as a cricket.

With her out, Mollusk could take the Board for thousands of dollars on the ‘painting’ , ‘electrical work’,  and ‘plumbing’.

He told the Board to hold off on appointment of a new Matron until the work was done, as the smell of the paint and the in and out would be disturbing.

As he was the President, as he set his task for late July, into August, when the premises was mostly deserted, there was no problem.

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Written by jaylar

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