And Comes the Fourth Generation – 140

Fran Alman, who worked in the office, took a ‘complaint’ from one of the tenants of Miriam House that Ann South was ‘never’ home.

She  immediately called Ann, who was her friend.

Ann couldn’t deny it.   She had been avoiding Miriam House, spending as little time there as possible.

She had, unless she wanted to lose the Matron job, (free house, water, electricity, gas, land line, internet )alter her off site hours.

She told Fran she’d do most of her work on the phone, and only leave the premises when she absolutely had to, and then rush back.

Fran told her she would not mention the complaint to Elvis March.

If somehow he found out about it and asked her,  Fran would tell him they had spoken, and the ‘never there’ was an exaggeration, as Ann had gone to the supermarket when the tenant required her.

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