And Comes the Fourth Generation – 129

While Ann South relaxed with her family over  Xmas, she ‘rebooted’.  She went from the dedicated Manager of Miriam House to recipient of an all expense paid vacation.

She would stop stressing, stop caring.

Although she wouldn’t use the words, she recognised her employers as idiots.  And there was no reason to attempt to bring any light into their darkness.

As the Fourth Generation, great grand children of millionaires, they were unable to manager a lemonade.  They focused on their pretension and pomposity, unaware of what they didn’t know, or how to learn it.

The tenants of Miriam House, people Ann South would confine to Sodom and Gomorrah,  aware the Matron/Manager had no power but to run her mouth and send up her blood pressure, had pushed Ann to the limit.

Ann had the feeling it was a concerted plot, on the part of the tenants to demotivate her as early  as possible.

It worked.


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Written by jaylar

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