And Comes the Fourth Generation – 103

Miriam House, a mansion bequeathed to the Church for indigent members, was turned into a second rate dorm, where the lowest level of gal was packed into rooms.

Due to the disregard the tenants experienced, their complaints ignored, their property stolen, they returned what they received.

They couldn’t care if a pipe was dripping, a wire dislodged, a door eaten by termites.

Some had experienced the uselessness of Miss Brown and adapted to doing what they pleased.

They were a bit wary of Selma Rashford Grindley, who arrived loud and belligerent, but she began dying a month after she entered.

The tenants of Miriam House didn’t expect this new Matron to be any more competent or capable than those in the past.

if she tried to effect changes, they knew how to thwart her and expected the Board to be just as disinterested in the future as they had been in the past.


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Written by jaylar

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