And Comes the Fourth Generation – 100

The new Matron, Ann South had to get into the house.  She had set a moving date for 1st of September, which had to be pushed back, and if she didn’t get out by the end of the month, her landlord would put her on the road.

She arrived at Miriam house on September 29th with her brother. They pushed what was left of Selma’s property into a sideroom.

They dismantled the death bed, and put that in a shed.

Somehow Joe Rashford Grindley learned of this and found himself at Miriam House with a van.

He was going to blast his mouth at Ms. South but her brother Devin was there.  He was as big as Joe and had a look on his face that was not friendly.

Joe stood as the stupid overgrown child he was.  He didn’t say anything, he began loading the van.

The moving went swiftly. In under an hour, everything that had belonged to Selma Rashford Grindley, save the death bed, was gone.

As Joe went to his car, Odette demanded the key and the gate opener from him.  As she was loud and ugly Joe didn’t bother to argue.  He handed them over, and left.


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Written by jaylar

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