An Example – part 6

Some months later, being home, I switched on that particular program.   He was no longer a member of the cast.  In a way, I wasn’t surprised.

The smarmy remarks he had written in his blog  about the character he  played, about the series he appeared in, must have been spoken in real life.

A few years later, I thought I saw him in the background of a cop show I liked, so did a search… nope.   He was not in any other show or movie.

I  glanced at his blog.   He was currently boasting about appearing in a play in some little town somewhere.

Considering where and what, it was the kind of role no one could brag about.   Yet he pontificated.

  • It was this total inability to grasp reality, that made him so  amusing.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar