An Example – Conclusion

The reason I usually begin my lectures,  whether on a university campus or elsewhere, with this example is that some people destroy themselves.

They cut and paste reality to match their image, and never recognise how others see them.

They get chances, but destroy them.

So there he is, alone, on a stage.  Never married, no children, no accomplishments.

I knew him when he was in High School.

I knew him as a  gawky nerd who thought he was the brightest boy at school, yet scored so low that he could only get into a community college.

Despite the years, the failures, the mistakes, he is exactly the same at fifty eight that he was at eighteen.

He lost the few opportunities he gained not by fate or intervention, but because that person he was at eighteen has never been modified.

He is an example of who and what not to be.

What do you think?

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