An Example -7

We were at the 30th High School Reunion, we were talking about those who had moved far away, those who died, looking over the year book photos, which were hung on the wall.

His picture was there,  and the organiser mentioned that looking up everyone in the year on the Internet, learned he had written some play.

Someone said, ‘What play?’  no one knew, it was a shrug.

A few days later, I did a search, found his blog and of course, there he was bragging about it.

That’s what always made him so unpopular.  His bragging about the nothing he accomplished and denigrating those who achieved something.

It seemed evident he destroyed his own career.  The same behaviour he practiced in High School which turned everyone off was why the only work he could get was appearing in his own solo play.

Get this clear, he wrote a play for himself, that had one role, and he would act in that role.

Just writing that sentence, I’m cracking up.


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