America Unmasked – 29

On the 6th of January, 2021, after many months of encouragement by Donald Trump;  his mindless followers attacked the Capitol Building.

We could watch it live.  

Not only were the videos taken by professionals, but the very insurrectionists!  So proud of their smashing windows, breaking doors, stealing, and brutalising others, they were transmitting live to the Internet.  

All over the world people watched this… people saw what happened.   This was no staged performance, there was no ability to censor.   

This happened.

Now, in February 2021 a  hearing is going on in the  Capitol Building.  The videos are presented.  Those of professionals, those of the insurrectionists, those from security cameras.

It is evident these rioters were inspired by Trump, and followed his orders.

If one presented this evidence before impartial jurors, a guilty verdict would be unescapable.


This evidence is being presented before the most corrupt group on the planet;  American politicians.  Those who belong to the ‘Republican Party’  can not find Trump guilty.    They are owned and operated by Trump as any dictator owns his followers.

The belief in American independance,  justice,  the ‘rule of law’;  all the propaganda America has  blasted since inception,  has now been exposed for what it is, what it was,  lies and deceptions.

Trump supporters are Americans, the most perfect example of Americans;  white, over fed, racist, low class uneducated crass sheep who can be cheaply bought and deployed.

There is nothing special or different about these Trumpanzees;  these are who and what Americans are, unmasked. 


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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