Alone, Not Lonely- 17

There are those who claim there is ‘danger’ and that being alone is contraindicated as anything could happen.

Being on their cell phone, they believe is NOT being alone.

They do not realise they have put themselves into a plastic bubble so are cut off from society.

Where the person who is walking along the road,  noticing the people, picking up their ‘vibes’ is aware of what is actually around them  the one on the cell phone is blind and deaf.

The cell phone addict can and does step into holes and tumble down, doesn’t see the pickpocket or the harasser.   They miss clues that anyone alert would see.

Although their sensation is that the person on the phone, or the music they are hearing is some kind of ‘armour’ they are in more danger than anyone else, because they are not paying attention.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. it’s true … but you don’t need phone to be inattentive. It’s sometimes the desire to be attentive.
    But anyway, there is reason why we have law that no one should be seen holding a phone when driving. Yes, not even allow to hold (if you’ve a stand, it is allow…)

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