All Gone but Not Forgotten

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In response to the challenge by LaJenna and started by CarolDM #sharingiscaring

So long ago it seemed

My thoughts a bit confused

Can I still remember?

Does it really matter?

Just my jumbled thoughts

So rambling and scattered

What was it that excited me?

Was it the new day?

Or the snow and rain that fell?

Sometimes it seems that you and I

My friend are the only two

Left in this crazy world

That still believe in rhyme and reason

That still believe that there is love

To share everywhere

We are like two lost flower children

Who took a wrong turn in the 1960s

And still, wander on lost and alone

Wanting the world to be

Like it was once

When it was a quieter and gentler time

And peace symbols flashed

And people smiled

And sang about things blowin’ in the wind

Sure wish we could get it back

Just those special moments

Before the world exploded

And crazy became a term

Referred to the things that happen

Day in and day out

Come put back the flower in your hair

Let’s sit a spell

And drink some mellow wine

Listen to the music

From days gone by

Just humming and remembering

Peace my friend, peace



What do you think?


  1. Very genuine and moving post! Actually, I started the challenge, so I am grateful that you liked the idea and decided to join! Looking forward to reading more!