After Adultery – 22

When you enter a relationship, hold back a piece of your soul.  Your soul, your finances, your life.

Don’t quit the clubs you belong to so as to be with your spouse.  You can meet him after or on another day.  

If he makes it an issue, be a bit suspicious unless he has a very good reason why Wednesday at 6 pm you must be with him.

Don’t drop all your friends and family, always have those others.  Don’t make it a problem.   Let him ‘come first’ but they are still in the race.

When it comes to money, always have a secret stash.  If found out claim you were saving it to buy him…..or that you wanted to surprise him with…. but try not to be found out.

In the first year of the marriage you can put some activities on hold, but after that, unless you and he are every where together all the time,  restart them.

You never find yourself home alone with no where  to go, with no one in your life.

For this is what happens after adultery if you haven’t made a contingency plan.


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