After Adultery – 16

Anita learned that her husband Russel was having an affair with Slutina.

She went up to Slutina at a public place.  Slutina was terrified.

“I’m not here to have an argument.  What I want is for you to keep him out to 3 am tonight.  My boyfriend and I are going to fancy resort and won’t get back until late.”

Russel had never taken Slutina to fancy resort.  

Slutina was shocked that she was merely collecting Anita’s garbage.  

She reflected on the crummy places Russ had taken her, the kind of out of the way places where no one would see them together.

And there was Anita.  Married Anita.  Anita was a woman a man would marry.   And Anita had a big rich boyfriend who was taking her to Fancy Resort while Russ was taking her to crummy bar.


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Written by jaylar

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