After Abuse – 48

To give an exposure of the roots of the abuse of parents by children, view this scenario.    

Young parents are struggling, the mother of the husband takes the child.  This seems a kindness.   However, this grandmother makes the child believe that his parents threw him away and she rescued him.  

When the parents can retake the child, he does not want to leave grandma.  The parents, unaware of how the child’s mind has been poisoned, take him anyway.

He develops a hatred for his parents for ‘kidnapping’ him.   Nothing they do pleases him and he wants to be with grandma.   If she visits he makes a scene, he wants to go with her.

If the parents stop her from visiting, the child will try to run away to be with her.  If  they let the visits continue it is always traumatic.

When the child is an adult, he turns his back on his parents, rushes to his grandma, and refuses to see them.

If the parents were aware, when the child was young,  of what grandma was doing, and were able to counter it… but they are not.

Why would grandma do this?


The grandson will take care of her in her old age.


What do you think?


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