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Abstract Painting ~ 365 Photos Challenge #8

Abstract painting? No, it isn’t. This is a graffiti on the wall of a neighbor’s house. No art at all, just graffiti soiling the walls. But with the principle of “There’s always good behind bad” or as Kahlil Gibran says, “Grief, is the joy which opened it mask”, I try to find the beauty behind the neighbor’s scolding all this time.

The photo above is a small part detail of the graffiti that fills that wall. This is the real face of the innocent wall…

The neighbor deliberately lets the wall just like that because, according to him, if he painted it, the children will again make a mess with new streaks.

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26 . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. You have found a beautiful abstract in the house. I really thought it was an oil on canvas using a palette knife. He should just repaint every year and encourage the graffiti. There was a bridge in Florida that they used to let people tag and would paint it monthly. It was a neat idea.

    • Another neighbor has repeatedly done the same thing as you suggest Kim, hoping there will be a quality improvement in creating a cool mural but so far after many years he just found the mess on his wall. Other property owners, do not want the extra cost to buy exterior paint which is relatively expensive, especially today.

  2. Very good eye for picking a piece of painterliness out of the wall. Cheers. I love graffiti and like the quote by an anonymous participant that the world gets the vandalism it deserves.
    One day on May 1st I got off the train and saw “Office workers shred your bosses”. One I still remember after twenty years.

    • Hi, Howard… how are you, buddy? I’m glad you showed up (or I have neglected to find you all this time) here. I agree with what you say about vandalism, the world (we and the environment we create) is indeed a reflection of us (as human beings) themselves. Also about something you still remember after twenty years, human interest at any positions level, without a set of shared values agreed and executed consistently, will always eat each other.

      • I really was absent for some time. I’ve been back and forth between cities and have been busy.moving to a new place. We also had some fires here that burned thousands of homes which was pretty distractive for a week or so. My connections to the web are not portable so I do disappear every so often.


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