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A year and the life of Trixie, my cat!

Some time ago, I got a kitten named Blue. My cats are indoor outdoor cats and have their own contained back yard. Or so I thought…. 

My neighbors next door have a Bengal Tom Cat. Well, never underestimate a Bengal. They are very crafty. 

My cat blue came up pregnant and had a litter of all black kittens. I watched everyone of them being born, all black melanistic Bengal mixes. Blue is all blue, looks like a Russian Blue. I thought she was done having all the kittens when all suddenly she started panting again, and out came little Trixie.. 

She was a bit different than her brothers and sisters…

I thought Trixie was a tan or white kitten, she was clearly not black.. 

Here they are just a week old. She was born white, and started getting color.. 

While her litter mates started getting lighter. Showing true melanin. 

They were so cute. 

Napping..she has a dot on her nose..

I fell in love with her and decided to keep her. The dot got bigger.

Getting older.. her eyes changed from a bright blue to a grey, then to a tan/blue.. She was about 3-4 months old here. 

Then at about 5 months old they looked this color. The dot looks kind of like a heart. 

Her eyes are still changing.. The tan color is leaving. 

The paparazzi really doesn’t know when to leave you alone..sheesh..

She backed of a bit with the camera..I showed her! I am after all a little angel.. 

I tried to get some last minute shots of her..They turned out blurry.

But as you can see, her eyes turned out a bright siamese colored blue. 

I hope you enjoyed my year with Trixie!! Have a great day. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. I think Trixie would get along famously with my Runt (Runty Dumpty) who, by the way, was born about 45 hours after his three siblings. I was so surprised when I saw him. Trixie and the others are such cutie pies. Well, Trixie, so long. I will say Hi to Runt for you if that is OK with your mom of course.


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