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A Small Advantage ~ 365 Photos Challenge #231 – #233

If I can choose or decide from the beginning, I prefer if an in-house-training of a company that assigns me to be a facilitator is done outside the city. Whatever the subject, especially non-technical ones, because however the rules are determined for participants, no matter how well the facilities provided, the focus of the participants and the atmosphere that can be created in the training in the city can be very different from the training conducted outside the city, especially in places contact with nature.

Based on experience, trainings held outside the city – compared to those held in the city, both at hotels or corporate training centers – can be more intense to draw out participants from the daily environment, facilitate opportunities for participants out from saturation, allowing participants to share their thoughts more intensely – both formally and informally, facilitating the process of philosophical approaches and involving all our dimensions as human beings.

The evaluation of the training that I led and had has completed this afternoon was once again proving that experience. The input from the participants stated that the “atmosphere of office formalities” could not be disbursed in more total terms, the work also still haunted the participants with some staff attendance for several affairs, in addition to the visits of several company guests to several executives. The training organizing committee cannot do much to reject or prevent the contact of participants with work matters with various reasons they must face, even though such things are not in accordance with the agreement and the rules of the game that have been set for the training.

Training with adult education methodology for executives of this kind does require commitment and responsibility to do it consistently and consequently. In the end, my thoughts and suggestions that were previously ignored for some reasons and interests then understood. The executive board, which demands full commitment from the participants – who are senior managers – and the results of training that can strategically provide important ideas for the process of corporate adaptation in the business environment in the digital era are changing faster, giving one important feedback for the company; give us your involvement, exemplary, and more vibrant corporate culture.

#1 Out To Home ~ 365 Photos Challenge #231

Outside of the context above, training in a city like this gives me a small advantage; I can meet family faster. That's what I thought as soon as I was in the vehicle and out of the hotel environment. Yippiiieee...

#2 Smooth Traffic ~ 365 Photos Challenge #232

Out of the hotel environment and into the highway, the traffic conditions that are completely different are so fun. Jakarta, which is usually jammed all day, has been relatively smooth for a few days. Trip time corresponds to distance. Well, this is thanks to the current Asian Games.

Days with smooth traffic in Jakarta as the 12th most congested trafficcity in the world like a luxury that can usually only be enjoyed on Eid-ul-Fitr holiday weekends, where most of the city residents return to their home regions.

So, this time I got two small benefits from training in the city, close distance and smooth traffic to go home.

#3 Red Sky ~ 365 Photos Challenge #233

No less great, I could enjoy the red sky of the sunset to the west of my house, just after hugging and kissing every family member who welcomed me home.


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