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A picture in the window

Hello friends

It’s summer time and my time here is reduced.

Family life and outings with good weather.

So forgive me if I do not visit you or I’m not as active as I should be.

I always tell you that my window is magical.She always offers me a picture every minute and the next minute she gives me a picture that looks a little like the first, but never the same.This time I leave you a summer evening.The photographs are unedited.It was a day of almost perfect sunset.But in a moment the clouds arrived.And if you like the sunsets with clouds like I think they are perfect.They highlight the colors.

The volume, the mystery of the heavens and the power of the air.It is as if the sky had turned into a painter using reds and yellows and suddenly it got angry and planted the blacks and grays.And if you play a little with the aperture and the speed of your camera.They become a picture.

Do not settle for just one.You have a digital camera you can make lots of pictures and as long as a few you like you are awarded.


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  1. Those are really great – cool things can happen within the camera alone! Those might be very useful for backgrounds when you are editing pictures or combining pictures. I like to call it “smooshing” pictures. Those deep sienna browns with the gold are dramatic and beautiful!

  2. Wow these are breathtaking! I love your magic window. No need to apologize for not being here. Life takes us all away at times. You are blessed to have your family. Always enjoy seeing your stunning photography.

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