A look behind the “What is it Quiz”.

Two days ago I put up this What is it type quiz.

You can find it here.

What is it? See if you can guess…

Now here are the original photos..

I started off by asking what the green thing was from the cover..

1. Before I edited it, it looked like this.

I had to crop it to get it out of center, then I kind of went overboard on the edit..

2.  Was water on my cement patio in this extreme edit.

I cropped a corner of this original seen below.

3. Was again, my dog playing in the water from the hose. Hard to tell with this edit..

The edit above was created by using the photo below.

4. Was a cropped version of this hens and chicks succulent.

Seen here.

5. Was a flower.

I cropped and turned the photo to make this edit that was used in number five.

6.  My question was, “This is _____ and it’s the __________?”

This was the photo.

If you picked water and it’s the center of a flower. You were correct.

7. Was a reflection in the water that was turned sideways.

I cropped the photo below and turned it sideways.

8.  Was a bokeh filter over a creek.

Shown in the original below.

9. I asked if you would guess what this was and comment in the comment section.

It was water….

10. The last one in the quiz..

Was the center of an iceplant flower.

Thanks for taking a look at the originals! I hope you enjoyed the quiz!


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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