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A Little from The Past ~ My Cars Challenge

Kim “The Challenge Creator” again managed to steal (force… lol) my attention… This time with My Cars Challenge. Considering that I didn’t save any pictures of my cars in the past, and in line with this game that asks us to look for them on the internet, here are some of my transportations and cars in the past that I could get.

The first is the Bemo. This is public transportation that I always use to go to school when I sit in junior high school.

When I was in high school, the Bemo was gone, and the short-distance transportation available for me to go to school was Metro Mini.

The next pictures below are four of the few cars I had in the 80s until 2010. All the colors of the cars in the picture are the same as the colors of the cars I have.

#1 Bemo

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#2 Metro Mini

#3 1975 Volvo 244 DL

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#4 1996 Volvo 960

#5 2003 Volvo S80

#6 2007 Ford Everest


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  1. I see that Volvo was your favorite brand … great cars … I was more excited about BMW even though I didn’t have many of them …. I had it for a very long time … which I couldn’t separate from it

      • I’ve never had a Japanese car … but I’ve had a lot of Japanese motorcycles …. I’ve also never had a Volvo … I’ve had a Peugeot 605sv 24v for a long time … I’ve had a Fiat 125 special for a while too …. now but I have – you won’t believe the 2015 Mercedes E 300

        • In my country, Japanese cars dominate the market so that the prices of their used cars also remain high while European and American cars are expensive when purchased but the prices are very low when selling used ones. In this case, only Mercedez is still quite good because its used car price of the return is not too bad.

          Actually, my family is a Peugeot lover too, like you, my eldest sister used the 1994 Peugeot 605 SRI after a few years before used 1984 505 GTI while my younger brother ever used 405 then 406.

          What’s wrong with the Mercedez E 300 2015, dear friend?

          • There is nothing wrong …. the car is great I just started wondering why I need such a car …. besides the Mercedes I have a Seat Ibiza and with it I make all shorter rides Mercedes stands in my garage … in 5 years I drove 40,000 km …. I only had it for the masses hahaha … for vacation …. since I was a little kid I was excited about big and good cars though I never used them …. now it looks like I came a little bit of sense and I’m thinking of selling it ….. at best I’ll lose 15,000 euros

          • With us it is so ….. more expensive and bigger when you have a car you lose more when you sell it … big cars are all avoided nowadays ….. for example at Renaul Clio I would lose only 3,000 eur in 5 years


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