A Day at the Pediatrician’s Office

This is an article from the perspective of a nurse and/or nurse practitioner.  All days start the same way with various morning routines at home and then dealing with the area traffic and the commute to work. Arrival at the office begins naturally with unlocking the doors and turning off the security alarms and then turning on the lights and booting up the computers.  One chore while turning on the lights is checking to make sure the exam and treatment rooms are ready to see patients.

While these morning work routines continue other employees arrive and begin the ‘catching up’ with each other, as well as checking in patients as in checking vital signs from temperatures, pulse and respirations and at times blood pressures and height and weight.  Another chore that needs completed that is ongoing throughout the day is making appointments as well as arranging for various lab tests and God forbid arrangements for admittance to a hospital, but when you know you are helping kids it is all worth it in the end.

This is a job of compassion and understanding for you are a professional who really has two patients at one time the child and their parents.  Being a pediatric nurse or nurse practitioner is a job that one must really love the kids to combat the fear of being sick that they are enduring in their young lives for when you see a kid cry at the beginning of the appointment and then they are smiling at the end of the appointment it makes the nurse and the practitioner feel good.  There are times that are sad for all involved when a child has a serious issue to learn to deal with as in being diagnosed with a disease.  This usually does not hapen very often though.  After all the various duties have been completed the charting will commence with all the dreaded paperwork that you were not able to get done when caring for patients.  The next and final duty is to make sure computers are shut down and the lights turned off and the security system is on and the doors locked and the commute home begins.  You know that you have made kids and parents feel better for this is a profession of love and care.

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