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5 “Neurobic” Exercises to Cross-Train Your Brain.

When you give your brain some new experiences which combine physical senses— smell, vision, taste, touch, and hearing—with “sense perception” it produces more connections between the different brain areas, which in turn, cause nerve cells to produce increased natural brain nutrients that help memory dramatically, and strengthens surrounding cells making them more resistant to symptoms of aging. During your morning routine or daily downtime, and see how you feel.

1. Brush teeth with your non-dominant hand.

Research is now showing, that when you use the opposite side of your brain, like in the exercise, it can result in a substantial and sudden expansion in certain areas of the cortex that process and control tactile information coming from the hand. Exercise: Start brushing your teeth, using your non-dominant hand. Also, open the toothpaste and apply it in reverse, as well.

2. Shower with your eyes closed.

Your hands will start to feel various textures on your body which you can’t “see,” they will send back messages to your brain. Exercise: Keep your eyes shut and try using just your sense of touch (use common sense to avoid injury). Find the taps then change the water temperature, next, wash and shave, keeping your eyes shut.

3. Switch-around your morning activities.

Studies of brain images show that novel tasks actually do exercise large parts of the brain, showing, that heightened levels of brain activity appear in several distinct areas. When the task becomes mundane and automatic, the activities decline. Exercise: Dress after breakfast, walk your dog along a different route, or change your news station.

4. Switch seats at the breakfast table.

Everyone has his or her “own” seat, in most families but your brain improves greatly from new experiences. Exercise: Switch seating positions from your normal sitting position, altering, who you relate to, how you reach for the salt and pepper etc. , your brain will love this.

5. Play “10 Things.”

When you force your brain into thinking of alternates to the daily routine, this will help boost its cognitive power. Exercise: Someone must hand you an everyday object, after which, you need to demonstrate 10 different related “things” which the object could be. Example: A golf club, tennis racket, a drumstick, a baton, a fly swatter, a microphone, a shovel, a violin, a canoe paddle or a baseball bat.


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  1. Good stuff you offer here. It really is important to exercise our brains and these tips could lead us to think of more, like on a daily walk spend some time walking backwards.