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365 Photos Challenge – Days 65 –

I am finally getting around to sharing more 365 Photo challenge photos. Once again they are random photos that I’ve taken over the past week. Most of them are taken outside of clouds, snow, and things like that.

I have fun taking photos for the challenge, I am just bad at getting them imported from my phone and uploading them daily.

I hope you’ll all enjoy these photos!

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to! Here are the rulesΒ to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

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#1 Day 65 – First Snow in February

We've been getting snow this month....after thinking the winter was going to stay mild.  Luckily, the snow melted off the roads.  

We're supposed to get a larger amount over the weekend so we'll see what happens.

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#2 Day 66 – Icicles and Frosty Tree Branches

This is not the best photo I have of icicles, but I liked how the photo looked with the branches.  

What do you think of the photo?

  1. Yes, I think the photo is OK, I like the branches, but you need to get a photo of the icicles with the sun shining through it, it may not be easy to get. Its quite a good photo and gives me an idea of icicles on the roof. Never experienced that myself.

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#3 Day 67 – Strange Colored Sky

The color of the sky was so strange....the camera didn't pick it up that well unfortunately.  

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#4 Day 68 – More Icicles

They look so cool in my opinion...what do you think?  This day they were really's much colder and they weren't melting at all.  I really just wish winter was over, but the photos that can come out of it are cool.

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#5 Day 69 – Big Tree with Snow

I love how trees look when they are covered in snow....this one is near where I live, so I didn't have to go far to see it.  

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#6 Day 70 – Icicles and Clouds

This time I am sharing more icicles...but with clouds in the background.  The sky can change so fast!

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#7 Day 71 – Clouds

Yes, another cloud photograph!  If you know me, then you know this is one of my favorite things to photograph!  

#8 Day 72 – Snow Covered

Saw this when we took my mother's dog to the vet for a flu shot.  Just thought it looked cool, so wanted to share it!

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#9 Day 73 – Fifi

This is my mother's dog Fifi....she was feeling much more relaxed after the vet appointment was over!

  1. Poor Fifi, they stuck her in the butt! lol I have heard of the dog flu, odd one. Good to hear she is protected. Shes sucha doll, and a great picture. She makes me smile.

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#10 Day 74 – New Ring

This is my newest ring from the Wish app.  I like it except the odd pink and green squares.  I think it'd look better if it was just all blue.  Overall I still really like the ring!  

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  1. Really loved looking at your photos. I don’t get to see snow in life at all in New Zealand and its really expensive to go to Tongario National park to stay there in our winter to see snow. Not a lot of opportunities to ever see snow. We don’t get it in Auckland New Zealand. So thanks so much. Really liked the way you experimented in taking photos.

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