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365 Photos Challenge ~ Days 186 through 193!

I was enjoying sharing my photos one day at time for the challenge, but I got behind because of all the 4th of July festivities.   I’ll have some posts with photos from those festivities, it’s just taking some time to edit them all.  I don’t always edit my photos, but some of those I do want to edit (at least put my water mark on). 

I hope in the meantime you will enjoy these 365 Photos challenge photos!   Mostly flowers (as usual) but taken within the past few days.  

#1 # 186 – Delicious Food 🙂

These are finger steaks from the best place here that serves them called Henry's Drift Inn.  

Other restaurants have good ones, but nothing that compares to these.  If you EVER come to Idaho you should definitely try out these finger steaks!

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#2 # 190 — The spotted flowers again

With some of the tiny blue flowers in the shot.   

What do you think of these spotted flowers?  

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#3 # 191 – Purple Flowers (with a white outline)

The same kind of flower as the black, and spotted ones....but with a different look.  Very pretty as well.  

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#4 # 192 – Eli enjoying the water

This was taken on the 4th....after the festivities ended.  He wanted to cool off in his little kiddie pool.  I had one when I was a kid but it was pink!  I should find a photo of it 🙂

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#5 # 187 – Black Flowers

These caught my attention because they are black flowers...geraniums?  I don't know their name for sure, but very nice!

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#6 # 188 – Spotted Pink and Purple Flowers

These are very unique....spotted/splattered flowers.  Definitely a fun flower to see in a basket with the black flowers from above.  

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#7 # 189 – Tiny Blue Flowers

I wasn't going to get a photo of these because I didn't have much space on my phone, but Eli really wanted me to for some I did.  Hope you all like them as much as he did!

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#8 # 193 – Eli’s Sunflowers

Eli's sunflowers are getting tall....not quite halfway to their full height but definitely getting there (especially now that it's getting hotter).  We're wondering when they'll reach their full height and bloom.  

I'd love to know which of these photos was you favorite!  

Until next time, hope you all have a great day/weekend!  

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What do you think?

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