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365 Photos Challenge-Day14

How many of us have made a yearly resolution about our health? Raise your hand! I am quite certain there are a lot of you out there who is like me – who vowed that beginning the New Year we shall commit to a healthier lifestyle and healthier eating habits. I got tired making promises like that to myself, hence, I stopped doing that about two years ago.

Once I got past 35, I knew I should slow down and change my bad eating habit. I live for foods that are high on fats and sugar. I am aware it is not good for my body. I said I will change when I hit 35. A decade has passed and still I am stuck with the same high-fat-high-sugar diet. How I stay in my weight (I am overweight if I am to follow the 5ft=100lbs and 1inch=5lbs ratio of computation), considering how I munch on meat and sweets despite my age, is just plain luck (I have slow metabolism, see), I guess.

Anyway, whenever there are cases of death or illness caused by cancer among our family and friends, the girls and I have this motivation to eat and stay healthy. One day we decided that biking is a good way to keep fit. We live (for the last 10 years) in a small coastal town where people mostly know each other. You can go to the market here without money and just ask the seller to collect your payment at your own house. Trouble is that, when you do go out, more often than not you will get embroiled to trivial conversation like: “Oh, you are biking! Maybe you are trying to get fit so you can find a husband.” Or, the usual: “But why are you still single? When can we have the long table?” Long table refers to long tables of guests during wedding festivities in case you do not know that.

I have an aversion for small talk especially small talks that are directed to my singlehood (because protocol requires that I should not try to speak out what is on my mind and thereby offend married people because of unconventional views). Come on. Is it abnormal to be single? A lot of freedom without headache and stress? It is as normal as the gender, you know. There are male, female and otherwise. A choice. Why think that your choice is better than the other one?

Anyway, that aversion led me to decide that I will bike within the house. And so, we bought this stationary bike – I can exercise without being bothered by irrelevant questions. Lol! This serves as my Day-14 entry in the 365 Photo Challenge.

Question: “Am I still using it?” Biking in a stationary bike is a lesson of patience and monotony. I did it for 3 months then quit. Resume for 2 months then quit again. Resume and then quit once again. Resume — and oh heck, I will just drop dead than die of monotony!

There you go – and 351 more photos to go. If you care to join, please check the instructions here

“The heart will rise to light us in the morning.” ~ ADI DA SAMRAJ ~

Keep shining. Keep your face towards the sun where the shadows do not follow.


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    • Yeah. The trouble starts when we slack hahaha I was doing fine with the bike then summer came and the high temp is not just conducive to biking because I get sweaty without doing anything. But I push myself to be consistent with the yoga although I have to admit at times I do it haphazardly and ending up injuring either my forearm or my ankle hahaha

  1. There are always two sides upon everything, right? Including community, eating, dieting, or whatever. Hehehe…
    Diet, one thing I never do. I eat and drink whatever I want, but still, it’s so difficult to gain weight! If I want to gain 1 kg of weight then I have to eat at least 1.5 kg!

    • Really? Shoot! All I have to do is to smell the food and I gained weight! I was not talking about diet – it was more about healthy and smart eating (more greens, less fats and sweets) as well as proper exercise (I should, I know, but I don’t except if you will consider the 5-Tibetan Rites as such). There are two sides in everything but you know it will take eons before people will understand that singlehood is not a liability. I mean, many freely ask that question: “Why are you still single?” And single people are expected to be good-natured and appropriately act to be shy about it. Lol! Well, according to Bridget Jones, how about if single peeps start retorting with: “Oh how about you? Are you still having great sex with your spouse?” Pardon the language but there is truth to that. If only we can let to live and let live.

    • I like the treadmill better since the whole body is moving. But our treadmill got rusty and the rubber got damaged so I will have to run on the rail which is not safe. A new unit costs more than a bike so I opted for the bike. And now that I think about it, I lasted 1 year on treadmill hahaha the bike bores me to death. Biking in a real bike is more fun.

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