365 Photos Challenge-Day11

“What are your dreams?”

Most people would talk about grand things they desire – goals they would want to achieve – where they expect to be in few or several years.  Some dream about marriage and children; others dream of careers, house, car and what-not.

For me, however, and the three women I live with, the answer to that question is quite simple – VAGABONDING. Yes! We actually dreamed a life of constant movement. Why not? The four of us shared one common trait: love of freedom, travel and adventure. More than a decade ago, we planned for a life on the road. But fate meddled with the plan and life happened. So we found ourselves living in a laid-back coastal town instead.

Did it end our dream? Nope. We never live a life on the road…never become vagabonds. But we pursued our love for wanderlust which amount to the same thing – travel and adventure, exploring new places and learning new cultures. So, after 10 years, we had been to several countries as well as in and around Philippines. If the funds are sufficient, we go abroad; otherwise, we go local.

My featured entry for my Day-11 represents a memory of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was our first long trip outside the Philippines where we covered 4 more other countries for 33 days – Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. Yep. The famous Banana Pancake Trail. That adventure had tons of memories that will last us a lifetime. Crossing the borders especially involved hilarious experiences that I will never trade with high-salaried job in a 4-walled office. Oh, I will save that story for next time.

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    • I have been thinking of writing that but I already turned one year in blogging and still nada lol but, as they say, travelling by land is the most memorable one could have. Altho after few years we learned to be smart and just go by plane. But one day, we plan to take the kids (not really kids, they are teens now but we call them that – and not ours also but they like tailing us) into that experience to let them taste it.

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