Why? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #67

Sunday afternoon, my two daughters went shopping with their mother. After finishing dealing with the lawn in the garden and clean up my self, the adventure in cyberspace gets its turn again.

After reading some emails, while listening to Pink Floyd, I began to calm myself to choose an idea to write something for this challenge. Suddenly one question arose followed by its friends, in droves. I do not know where it came from, but it was an interesting question. Why am I writing? And why am I faithful to those themes? What about other people? What are the benefits to me, and my writing benefits to others?

That’s how the questions burst into my mind and have kept me silent for a quite long time. There are many reasons and answers flowing and clinging to them, but one thing is clear, I just want to write, I just want to say something, either to whom, whether read or not, I do not really care. I just want to write.

The discussion in mind eventually invited other speakers and this is what Anthony De Mello says:

“Some people write to make a living; others to share their insights or raise questions that will haunt their readers; others yet to understand their very souls. None of these will last. That distinction belongs to those who write it because they do not write they would burst … These writers give expression to the divine – no matter what they write about. “

How about you?

Hey guys, if you interested in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.

What do you think?

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  1. You know why I write. It helps work through my pain. One day I will come to a place in my life where I will write about the flowers or the sky or anything! Right now it is healing to continue as I am going. Sometimes I think we do not need a reason if we really enjoy doing something. Just do it! 🙂

  2. I can not write like you wisely. But I’m here every day, of course when I can. To tell others. Where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. If people do not read it. They will lose to learn new things, learn interesting facts. I was already in this place. I read before publishing some interesting facts. Who loses me or who does not read it?

  3. So, unwittingly, I opened a challenge article…hmmm, why I write? Many reasons. I like to write because it is a passion. I like the feeling when the words from my brain flows freely into my fingertips to help me create those cobwebs in my mind into something intelligible. It puts the clutter in my head into a perspective that I can understand. It gives me relief and clarity. Pretty much like meditation. Moreover, writing creates a world within a world where I can just be me. That said, I write primarily for myself and not really thinking whether people will like it or not. I appreciate being read, yes, but it is just an icing to the cake.

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