365 Day Photo Challenge Day Day 205 the flowers survived!

The flowers in our front yard were planted in April, in May the Solar company came and took the solar panels off the old roof. The roofing company came and took off the old roof; Then they put on a new roof. The Saga ended on June 11, has the solar company came and put the solar panels back on. At the beginning of the project, I shared a picture of the flowers. Today, one take yesterday of the same flowers. The flowers survived! Well, the survived the roofing process. They are wilting now because of heat. But they did, in fact, survive the process of people.

I am reminded of the Percy Blythe Shelly poem Ozmandius. As if the flowers, were the mighty king’s statue.

Sadly, the desolation of heat represents the sand that busied the works of the mighty king.

“Look upon my works ye mighty and despair. The inscription read.

The travelers saw only sand!

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Written by DocAndersen

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