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365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 9: Delayed Inspiration

Day nine, I had no idea what I wanted to shoot. I drove to a park nearby and for the first couple of moments nothing jumped out. I photographed a few trees against the sun which was just beginning to set and I felt like this was going to be the day where nothing worked.

I walked around a pond and found a diving duck. As I got closer it swam quickly to the other side of the area and just beyond range of my 300 telephoto.

I noticed cattails against the now deeply setting sun and the image made itself know. I spent the next fifteen minutes shooting the reeds in various angles to the sun.

It is amazing how the inspiration seemed so distant and than suddenly it jumps out of the frame. I am loving the discipline of making a photograph every day and I’m excited to see where the journey will lead me.

Evening grows
beneath the cattails
a rich December glow
the sky casts all its secrets
turning all to molten gold
I spent a wealth of inspiration
just for a moment as everything stops
as the stillness and the whisper of winter
filled my lens
and I was a child again

The birds stopped singing
the wind stop blowing
and a violent wave of clouds
fought a deep blue sky
as flames were seeping out
across the landscape
the artist’s delicate hand
filled my lens with wonder
and I was a child again…


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey

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  1. Thank you and thank you so much for the challenge. I have shot 9 separate days-I know we can use pix from the last 7 days but I am using this as a discipline and I have shot every day since the challenge. I appreciate the challenge-haven’t been able to get anyone else to go for it though.

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