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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 281, just because….

Just because, my wife often gives me cards with personal notes on the inside. I do sometimes as well get her special cards. But I am more likely when out and about to stop and pick up flowers. The orange fall color flowers caught my eye in the store the other day, so just because. The Vase was a wedding gift for Barb and me from a dear friend and has moved with us (Carefully) for many years. There is something about having flowers on the table, although we probably eat at the table roughly four times a week. Well, eat at the table as a family. When the kids were little, we ate at the table more often than we do now. Now we often watch the news and catch up in the living room as we eat dinner.

Funny how things change over time!

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Take a picture of a lovely flower and share today!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Just thinking; because there are some flowers, your family still occasionally eats at the dining table even though more often in the living room. If there is no flower, maybe your family will always eat in the living room, and likewise, if the whole dining table is filled with flowers. lol


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